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Pile Types

Which Pile is right for the job?

Whether your project is in the design phase or is already fully designed, we can work with you to select the appropriate pile for your project.  We work to understand you projects needs to find the right system for the job.


Concrete Pile

Pre-cast pre-stressed piles are our specialty.  We drive concrete piles on more than 75 percent of our jobs.  The pre-cast pile is one of the most cost effective pile types due to material cost, custom pile lengths and the fact that we manufacturer our own concrete piles in our own PCI certified plant which makes them readily available.  We can customize pile lengths to site specific soil conditions throughout the job to avoid product waste.  Standard concrete pile sizes used are 12", 14",  and 16" square depending on the projects requirements.  We have our own transportation fleet and are able to deliver piles on your schedule. Your project will never be held up waiting for your concrete piles to arrive.


H Beam Pile

Over the years we have developed working relationships with many of the leading steel suppliers of H-pile. These relationships allow us to accurately estimate mill rolling dates and approximate delivery dates. 

Pipe Pile

Pipe Pile

We are capable of driving all pipe pile diameters from 12" to 72".  (Seen in the picture a 102" diameter casing driven near the Sakonnett River in Rhode Island.)

Sheet Pile

Sheet Pile

Sheet piling has characteristics which render it superior for a wide variety of applications.  The resulting wall is continuous, earth-tight, and virtually water tight to any depth which the sheet pile can be driven.

For more information on our PCI Certified Plant go to our Precast / Prestressed Page.