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Our History

Our History

Wayne with Frank Maxwell,
(Founder Hub Foundations where Wayne started his Piledriving career in the early 1970's) 

Over 45 Years of Experience Supporting New England.

Wayne Vynorius, Former President and founder of Vynorius Piledriving, Inc. and Vynorius Prestress, Inc. worked in the piledriving industry for over 45 years. Getting started in the early 1970's Wayne started his career as a laborer for Hub Foundations. Within the next few years Wayne moved on to become foreman for R.A. Francoeur Piledriving, Inc. where he has spent the last thirty years fulfilling many positions in the company from supervisor to general manager.  Given the chance to buy out R.A.Francoeur in 2004 The Vynorius Companies were established.

Sadly Wayne passed away this past December after battling a chronic lung disease for the past several years.  However; His work ethics, drive and ambition live on in his family who will continue serving the piledriving community with the quality service that general contractors throughout New England have come to know of the Vynorius Companies.